Matty Mullins

I have known Matty Mullins since I was a kid in high school. Over the years I have been so blessed to know this man and see him grow into a fantastic artist, a dedicated and loving husband, a true friend, and most importantly a strong man of God. Matt has been on a whirlwind journey the last half a decade moving from our hometown in Spokane, WA home of the Lilac City Hustlers, to Texas to join his current band Memphis May Fire a formidable force in the current heavy music scene. Over the years since Matty joined Memphis I have seen the band grow, mature, and thrive into a very impressive group of professionals that make music with passion and heart, with a mind for reaching out to their fans with a positive outlook and encouraging message.

Recently Matty, while still maintaining his loyalty and dedication to MMF, has with the help of his friend and talented producer Cameron Mizell developed a phenomenal personal solo project that released recently on 9.23.2014. The self titled record while musically dynamic and a solid effort is also a testament to Matt's heart for his family, his spiritual journey, and his love for Jesus. It is a very brave and bold record that could not make me any more proud to call him a friend. When Matt asked me to make some photographs for his new project I was excited, the set below is a sampling from the session that was created just near his home in TN. We wanted to tie in where he spends his days with his friends and family to this record and I am so glad we did.

Go pick up the new Matty Mullins record at your local Best Buy store and you can find these photos and more in the album artwork, or download it on itunes with the link below!

Click HERE to download the record.