So This Is 29...


At 1 am last night I was laying in bed, reflecting on turning yet one year older. I have so much to be greatful for and yet looking back over the past 9 years that are my  20s, I cannot help but marvel at all of the changes that happen to us during this decade of our lives. I moved countless times, living in California, Texas, Washington and Tennessee. I sang in a band and learned how to play drums for another. I picked up my first digital camera, worked a number of jobs, went to school (something I never thought I'd do) and most recently married my beautiful wife Amanda. 

The one thought this night however keeping me up has been that the one thing I regret most is not being better to those around me. I have wanted to "be" a hundred different things this past 9 years, but when it comes down to it, today what I realize is that what I want to be remembered for when all is said and done is not what I did, or what I created. The legacy I want remembered is how I treated others in my life. I have met some of the most incredible and talented, caring people. I live in a place packed with them, and I can't help but feeling I haven't been the best to those in my life past or present. I won't go into it deeply, but I feel at times I am very selfish. In speak and action I often make my interactions about me, and I am certain I have pile driven a number of potentially amazing friendships due to it. So as I move into this last year of being "young" I am making it a goal to be more intentional, to love genuinely and to pursue those I care about with a heart of service and compassion. I want to be more present and I will pursue the community around me actively with a heart that is good. So here's to 29. I couldn't be more excited!